Storm Season

Happy Mother’s Day!  I hope this is truly a celebratory day for you!

In memory of my last two Mother’s Days, I’m thinking of you who may be in the middle of a storm right now – something hard you’re going through that makes this a day of little celebration.

It’s tornado season here again, and we found ourselves inside our storm shelter recently – along with a neighbor who scurried over to hunker down with us.

This neighbor’s husband is the very one who teased us for our lack of trust in God for getting our shelter.

HH asked, “You wear a seat belt in your car, don’t you?”

“Well, yes, of course,” was his reply.

HH:  “You don’t trust God to keep you safe in your car?”

Mr. Neighbor: “Good point.”

Yes, we take precautions.  But, in the end, God protects us…and He did five years ago…and He does still today.

Just a few days plus five years have passed, and within those first few months after, God put back what was destroyed – and to an even better state than prior to the storm.

I’ve written about that night in prior posts, and I write again not to be redundant.  It’s just that the events of April 27th that year are on my mind every year as that date on the calendar passes.  And, we are so thankful  (to the Lord and to friends and family who helped us)!

The memories…how we felt huddled with our two kids and two dogs in the closet under the stairs during the storm – so gripped with fear that I could only pray one thing over and over, “Lord, please protect us.”  And HH was completely silent – so unlike him, I thought at the time.  (But, then again, how would I know what was normal, right?  We’d never been in that situation before.)

Are you in a storm in your life right now?  Are you paralyzed with fear, hiding in a closet of your own?  A closet in your heart, maybe?  Where you’ve shut others out?  Where you’ve shut God out because you think He can’t help you – or won’t?

Matthew 28.20b

I offer this reminder today to encourage you.  God’s Word is truth.  He IS with you.  Even if you don’t feel it, He is there.

Over the past two years, as we’ve dealt with family situations, we sometimes felt so discouraged because we didn’t see that God was working in it.  Always (but not ever in our timing) after uttering those words to each other, HH and I received a firm confirmation that God was, in fact, involved and moving.

Oh, the confirmation was sometimes such a tiny incremental change, but it was in the direction that we knew was of God.

I know it’s hard to wait patiently.  I know!  But, cling to God’s promises that He is there.

I command you—be strong and courageous!  Do not be afraid or discouraged.
For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.  (Joshua 1:9)

Be strong and courageous.  He is with you.  You can count on it.

Blessings for a wonderful Mother’s Day~

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  1. Kim, I’ve had people tell me the same thing about going in the storm shelter. Yes, I do trust God to take care of me, but I also know that He gave me a few brains to use to know what to do to take precautions. We weren’t in the shelter a couple of weeks ago, but were sitting by the back door, ready to go, and watching Matt on TV keeping track of the storm.

    Have a Happy Mother’s Day.

    1. Yes, God gave us a brain to use for taking cover. 🙂 Matt is such a blessing when we have tornado warnings! I hope you’re having a wonderful Mother’s Day! I looked for you this morning. I hope all is well!

  2. KIm,

    I hope that you have a blessed Mother’s Day. Prayers for everyone who is weathering a storm today.


  3. Kim, a post very dear to my heart! So many around me are in the storm right now and we all have faced those winds of adversity. God is near to the broken-hearted! Thanks sweet friend for sharing God’s Word! Blessings!

    1. Thank you, Pam. Yes, so many are in storms, but God is with us…protecting us and loving us through it. I hope you’ve had a blessed Mother’s Day! 🙂

  4. Some of the storms in life are much longer than the ones brought on by Mother Nature. And both can be just as hard. You were on my mind yesterday… praying and hoping that Mother’s Day was a special day for you.

    It’s it good to know that our success in weathering these storms is not done in our personal strength… but in leaning wholly on the Lord.

    Be blessed my friend!!

    1. Yes, you are right! What would be do without the Lord’s strength? We had family time on Saturday (due to kids’ work schedules on Sunday), so Mother’s Day was low-key. Restful and enjoyable, all the same! I hope you have a blessed week, Diane!

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