Shear Waterfall Panels DIY

Well, this is a rarity – two curtain tutorials in one week.  It’s your lucky day!  🙂

Easy Shear Waterfall Panels @

The shears that hang behind the Rod Pocket Panels with Flounce were a very easy project.  The idea of mounting them on a board occurred to me one day as I thought about the challenges involved with hanging double rods.

Gathered Shear Panels

It’s always a little difficult to hang a rod behind or beneath another rod without it looking a little odd.

Where do you put the second rod when it sticks out the same distance from the wall as the first rod?

Panels with Flounce

I decided to mount my shears over a 1″ x 4″ board.

To make these shears, the first step is to press a double 3- or 4-inch hem along the bottom edge of the shear fabric.

Pressing Hem

Top stitch at the upper end of the fold.  I stitched from the top side since it’s transparent enough to see through there.  I used thread that matches the panels just for fun – and to help you see it better.

Hemming Shear Panels

To prepare your board, you can paint it or cover it with lining fabric.  I used a board from a window treatment I took down, so the board was already covered – and the perfect length.  Man, I must be living right (wink).

Board Covered with Lining Fabric

For the gathered upper edge, run a zig-zag stitch over waxed dental floss.  The floss is very easy to pull so you can even out the gathers along the board.  Pin the shear to the fabric over the board as you adjust the gathering.

Pinning Shear to Board

Don’t worry about the ugly gap in the board cover.  That side will be against the wall when hung.  Hot glue the gathers along the length of the board between the pins.

Hot Gluing Gathers

Working across from one end and remove the pins, one by one, placing a bead of glue at the pin location as you go along.  Try to keep from getting glue on your pins.  It’s not a pretty mess.

Hot Gluing Gathers

When all the pins are removed, you are ready to hang your board.  No pesky rod brackets – just two simple screws.

Attaching Board to Wall

Lift the shear and attach the screw through the board and into the wall.  It was easy to rest the board right on top of the window framing.  The gathers fall softly over the board’s edge – like a waterfall.

Attaching Board to Wall

You can mount the board directly behind the rod if you like.  I decided that at this location on top of the window casing, the board is hidden well by the flounce at the center opening of the panels.

Flouncy Rod Pocket Panels

My board width is just beyond the width of the sill.  The shear falls just to the inside of the curtain hold-back.

Shear Waterfall Panels

Have you struggled with the logistics of hanging double rods before?  Would you like to try the board trick?


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