Do you have a rambunctious dog that likes to drag your porch pillows all over the yard and proceed to eat them? (Or, did he/she suddenly and mysteriously disappear?)

Win the Porch Pillow Battle

There’s no need for taking drastic measures (like searching for a nice shady spot for a pet grave).  My goal today is to help you rule over your porch pillows once again.  No more wobbly crown, ladies.  You’ve got this!

If you’ve followed my blog posts over the past six months, you’re a little familiar with Sir Winston and his antics.  Doesn’t he look sweet and innocent?  He is, but then sometimes, he’s not!

Renovation Winston
Our Best Renovation Yet – Winston

Early this week, I moved my two pillows out to the front porch swing.  Our perfect weather beckoned me to read there each morning.  Ahh…

Later that day, HH notified me that the pillows were out in the yard!  Luckily, the corners weren’t chewed or anything.  They were awfully dirty, though.  (Hmm…not sure the water-repellent spray did much good.)

I washed them…and devised a plan.

Remember how I stitched ties to the porch cushions (in sunflower yellow)?

Covering Porch Cushions
3-Step DIY – Covering Outdoor Cushions

Well, I made the same type of ties out of the pillow fabric.  All you do is cut 30-inch-long strips at two inches wide.  Then you fold each edge to the center and then fold it again to the inside – and then stitch.

Win the Porch Pillow Battle

Fold each tie in half and pin at the top corners of your pillow.

Win the Porch Pillow Battle

Stitch at the tie fold, and then place your pillow inside the pocket again…and head  outside to the porch.

March emphatically and with attitude!  You are the PORCH PILLOW BOSS, remember?

Win the Porch Pillow Battle

Tie each pillow to your furniture.  Hee-hee-he!

Win the Porch Pillow Battle

Sit a spell…and gloat.

So there!  You are boss…queen, really…with crown securely in place after all.

Win the Porch Pillow Battle

Ahh…no more worries.  Don’t you feel better?

Do you have a destructive pet?  Need to tie up his habit?


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8 thoughts on “How to Be the PORCH PILLOW BOSS!”

  1. There does not look like one iota of guilt on Winston’s sweet face! My dogs leave the cushions alone, but the cat has suddenly shown an interest in clawing our porch rug (even though it was there last summer, and he never touched it). Oh those fur babies, but what would we do without their love???

    1. Roxanne, you are right. Winston either is innocent (not!) or is oblivious – and no amount of scolding has made a difference. (Maybe I should get HH to scold him. He loves HH better!) Isn’t it surprising how they somehow notice things that were there before? I just wonder … are they non-observant and suddenly “wake up”? How can we keep them in that non-observant state? Are there drugs for that? Ha!

  2. Ties are a GREAT idea!

    Oh he doesn’t look a BIT innocent to me! :-0
    In that pic…
    Look how his left eye is looking up a bit….. he looks like he is up to something. haha!

    When I made my current porch cushions my porch was not yet screened in, so I made them with ties….I didn’t want them sliding off …..or blowing away. I have always made my chair cushion with ties, or bought ones with ties. If not, my kids and neighbor kids woulda left them all over the yard, out in the rain,etc.

    “What? The chair cushions? I dunno.” LOL

    1. Yes, with kids and dogs, things can end up in the strangest places! I didn’t know they make outdoor cushions withOUT ties. On the contrary, I’ve never seen outdoor pillows made with ties. I wonder where you might find those.

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