How to Make a Curtain Header with Flounce

Did you think I’d forgotten about the tutorial for the rod pocket panels I introduced in January?

How to Make Panels with Flounce - tutorial @

I had no intention of waiting so long to share the instructions for making the panels I described in this Romantic Room with Rod Pocket Panels post.

Bedroom Updates

If you had told me in a comment on the initial post that you were anxiously waiting for the instructions, I would have done it.  Immediately.

I do understand, though, that not everyone has an immediate need for a specific tutorial.  I try to make various projects along the way so you can see ideas…and eventually you might need that tutorial post.  So…onward.

Of course, with all panels, you start with the bottom hem and the side hems.  These panels are lined, so follow this tutorial for lined panels.

For a rod pocket, you don’t need the usual double 4-inch fold-over.  You only need enough to go around the other side of your rod plus a half an inch to turn under.  I added 3  inches to my finished height measurement.

Fold the header at the finished height measurement (see pin below) and press.  Also, press the edge under 1/2 inch.  But, don’t stitch it down yet.  We need to add the gathered flounce first.

Rod Pocket

Cut two widths of fabric (or more, if desired) at 20 inches and stitch the ends together.  Repeat for the second panel.  (I had an extra short piece from my scraps, so I added the extra for more fullness.)

Preparing Flounce

Fold each strip, outside in, length-wise and stitch one end and along the long side, except leave a short section un-stitched for turning.

Preparing Flounce

Turn right side out and press.

Preparing Flounce

Turn the opening edges to the inside at 1/2 inch and press.  Top stitch that short section to seal the opening.

Preparing Flounce

Run a wide zig-zag stitch over dental floss beside the seamed edge that you turned and pressed.

Preparing Flounce

Flatten out the panel header that you pressed under in the sixth picture above.  Run a pin line 1/2 inch beyond the finished length measurement.  That is, pin 1/2 inch from your pressed fold line on the side  closer to the edge.  (The pressed fold line in my shiny fabric barely shows in this picture.)

Preparing Flounce

That pin line is where you want to attach your flounce.  Gather and pin the flounce at that point.  Run it all the way to the panel edges that were finished with side hems.

Adding a Header with Flounce

After stitching the gathered flounce to the header, fold the rod pocket portion over at your original pressed line (at the finished length fold) and pin in place along the turned edge.

Preparing Flounce

Stitch in place.

Preparing Flounce

Slide your rod through the pocket, hang and enjoy!

Flouncy Rod Pocket Panels

How long has it been since you hung rod-pocket curtains in your home?  It’s been forever  for me!


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  1. Absolutely beautiful! And I love using the floss for the ruffle! Thanks for such a nice tutorial! It is so helpful!

  2. I never thought of using dental floss to gather anything. Wish you had told me that years ago. Ha. Great idea.

    1. I’m sorry you haven’t read about floss before. I’ve mentioned it in the past, but that was a while back (2 years?). The waxed floss glides right through and is so very easy to pull – and never breaks. See you shortly! 🙂

  3. Kim, I love this fabric and your romantic guest room! For the sewing part, you know I am clueless (haha). But I did have a fabulous workroom when I was designing! Thankfully, she could do anything I asked for! Happy Monday!

    1. Thank you, Pam. I wish I’d had your training, although I did use my degree for a while…just not in the thing I really love. Isn’t that usually the way? Ha!

  4. I, too, love this fabric! And DENTAL FLOSS!? I.N.G.E.N.I.O.U.S.! !!!!! I am gonna use that trick for a LOT of my sewing gathering! I always dreaded gathering becuz the thread would break. All those gowns I made….OY! BUT NO MORE!

    I have to tell ya…I was perusing my email… to see which was gonna be the 1st to read. I wasn’t really concentrating.

    I misread yours as “How to make a curtain header with flounder” I said to myself FLOUNDER? WHAT? hahaha Then I reread, laughed, and said “ok. you win. you got my attention” LOL So I read it 1st and am glad I did!

    Hey, it’s MONDAY. And it’s NOT warm OR sunny here. What do you expect?! LOL …and Q is not feelin well (vet this afternoon), and is layin around like he is a poodle/schnauzer/DISHRAG. (might be a reaction to the flea/tick meds…I don’t like the topical but ran out of the oral so I had to use it) This too shall pass….also another saying that is from scripture!

    I would like to share my dumb joke. Everyone can use a dumb joke on MONDAY! I made it up as Q was watching the squirrel out back the other day.

    What did the boy squirrel say to the girl squirrel? Will you be my SQUIRREL FRIEND. HA! I told it at church and they couldn’t help but laugh. LOL

    And yesterday we came home to see that our backyard squirrel had found him SQUIRREL FRIEND and was chasing her around and up the tree!!! love sweet love…. <3

    1. Robin, you have the funniest stories! And, I’m still laughing over the “flounder” – ha. Yes, my life was transformed when I first tried the dental floss. After buying a $300 gathering machine to sew all the little girl bedding I was doing in my home business at the time…and no longer needed it! I still have it and should list it on eBay or Craig’s list. Sorry your Q is feeling poorly. It’s been so rainy here…W goes outside to play and gets washed with the water hose before coming inside. I do need to steam-clean our carpets! Ugh…dogs! 🙂

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