in the Studio

My grandmother's seamstress abilities were the talk of the town.  She was an expert at sewing clothing.  Me?  I was all thumbs.  When my grandmother started teaching me to sew clothing at age seven, I was anything  but interested.

Years later, I used what little I'd learned from my grandmother and began a whole new adventure - designing and sewing the home I loved to live in.

I often wondered why more people didn't make their own window treatments.  Custom work is so expensive!  I figured...if I can do it, anyone can.  This all-thumbs girl found her way.  Why couldn't others?

That's when I understood.  The old ways were out dated, but the basics were still good.  So, I developed easy and efficient sewing techniques that are not grounded on the foundation of making clothing...but in ways that make sense and don't twist your brain around.

If you tried the traditional way, of course you had frustration!  The thought processes for sewing home decor is completely different than with clothing. 

Why didn't I see it before?  People needed my help!

I set to work designing courses to help you, my friend, learn the few simple sewing basics...and then stack those basics like building blocks...to create the most beautiful homes!

Littles  add up to changes that mean a lot!

Be a champion of "the littles".

Littles  add up to a lot, and before long, you've added a new look to a room in your home.

Littles  are made of 30 minutes each day - or more if you wish to go faster.

I hope you'll allow me into your home for the littles...to learn or
expand your sewing skill and make your home decor beautiful...little by little.